2019-12-28 22:35:31


Appearance is old, the youth will run, life bosom friend too!


Good fortune as one wishes, happy New Year, stripes, winter jasmine fortune。


Life is a joy to your life, always full of joy, happy birthday!


All the days of wine for a cup of strong wine, drunk into the flow of acacia。


Congratulation, source of money widely enter! To wish your business is thriving!


I feel everything in the world, all belong to me, because you fell in love with me。


Warm wishes, burning in my heart; Want to smile, bring my infinite love。


This is the day of tulips, is also your day。 Wishing you luck this day every year, sweet!


When you are depressed, I am your happy fruit。 When you are sad, I will make you great sorrow!


Greetings: good weekend, let cool xiafeng blown away is your trouble, bring a good luck all week。


Thank you in the past year for our company's strong support, I wish you luck in the New Year, the future!


The best wishes, lose in the texts, the letter is not long feeling heavy, my good friend wish you a happy New Year!


I'm very glad to cooperation with you in the past year, I hope everything goes well with you in the New Year, happy!


Loving birthday wishes for a daughter who is very sweet to happiness on this special day, she always laughing。


A greeting, a wish, a string of blessing, hope you very happy in your heart swell! Another Friday, wish you good morning。


Every day busy, very hard, attention body, take care of yourself, to family, eat good sleep well, so good, the body is better!


Off a year of hard work, another one ushered in the New Year, I wish you in the New Year, the future, the source of money widely enter!


New Year is coming, 'anniversary I long one one full year of life, I will grow with the company, wish the company performance year after year。


In the morning every day, my best wishes will accompany you slowly wake up, slowly, slowly。 Wish you have a good mood every day!


If tonight the peaceful cantus transflux from your in a dream, so do you think, this is my across the mountains came to your dream。


Valley, enveloped you me, the blessing is boundless attention, overflow eyes, until the bottom of my heart, let the joy fill you all the year round。


Forget the sadness, forget the pain, In 2016, looking to the future; Bless for you; Go forward, go up; More grinding, depends on my career。


An open phone smile; The phone rang gold two thousand; Short message to be a lifetime rewards; Text message read good things around you around every day。


Have a good mood, such as has a sincere blessing。 Wish you health, wish you happy, I wish I don a blessing forever accompany you around。


Good morning, good morning, good morning, the sun, the earth, China, good morning, my dear pig, get up, the sun to sexually harass you fart fart。


In the year to jun: Pepsi! Everything fenda! Wahaha every day! Le Pepsi month! Macleod high every year! Feeling like Sprite! Always smart!


At some point, every day can't hear your voice, see your shadow, days became zi tasteless! I love to collect you! Just like the old snake love rice!


May wish is just a form, but it can bring warmth to the heart, we have to care about each other, the same day the same voice: have a nice weekend!


Stars shining, the sky won't darkness; Greetings with, the mind will not lonely; Blessing, give you warm。 May you have a good dream tonight, good night!


A beautiful wish I wish you a happy New Year, send a wonderful feeling to wish you all in the year round, send a beautiful gift to wish you a sweet smile。


I would love to pour into you filled with lonely heart, love is greater than the density of loneliness, I believe that I have been love, can let the lonely all overflow。


Time to take don't walk lover's laughter, the past does not water down the lover's memory。 Life is long, the cape tianya, everywhere have my greetings softly。


The summer heat is not retreated, with a wisp of breeze sent this season's greeting for you, the original you a cool"summer", relaxed and happy around in your side。


Health, peace be to you embrace, with happiness, with happiness, hug, warmth, with a sweet, took the money, lug auspicious, into the New Year, happy every day!


Holding your hand, a pentium, make together, our love is unstoppable; Close to your heart, and follow all the time, set each other off forever, our love can be broken gold。


I would like to become a tree outside the window, you use my green wash your visual fatigue, but with my swing to bring you the cool summer。 I wish you have a easy weekend!


A don't break up several decades, suddenly look back also dark however, everyone back to the once upon a time, I don't know weather suffering。 Life never turn back, only think that today。


In this quiet night, send you my warm wishes, bring my deep thoughts, I wash you with a blessing to the fatigue of the day, a good night take you into a wonderful dream!


And sunshine person together, the in the mind will not be dark; And happy people together, the mouth cape will often smile。 Slightly south, will be a fine day, pro, good morning!


Catch a butterfly to send you, wish you have a happy wings, a cool breeze to send you, I hope you feel better, send a message to you, may happiness accompany you every day。


Shut the lights, let the heart calm, uniform breath, relax, no attachments and chanting, sleep center method。 May my words phrases can give you a good night, a dream!


Star of little flashing fluorescence, surrounded colorful lai dream, blessing this year you promise to wish can achieve in front of you, I wish you joy of the festive season warm!


I just spoke by telephone with the moon, to sprinkle it sparkles with you go to sleep; Sent a mail to our stars to adorn the sky it with your dream。 They said yes, I wish you a good night。


Sorching summer people suffer, on sedative medicine blindly, balsam pear white porridge chrysanthemum tea, hot fire fatigue elimination, tai chi yoga don't sleep, yangxin nourishing the liver and lung。


Let a cool summer rain to come, let the wind bring a breath of fresh, after a week of busy, now, let's put down the burden, easy to accompany you, wish you have a very pleasant weekend!


Zero bells resounded through the end of the world and a New Year's train set out on time。 It carried to an unforgettable years, ushered in the beautiful life once again。 I wish you a happy Spring Festival!


Mountains and difficult to give gifts, clockwork SMS bless you, healthy and beautiful always with you, the god of wealth master have a crush on you, hundreds of millions of money to follow you, blessing you friends moment。


Lovely you stole my feelings, steal my blessing, take my thoughts, so I decided to go to court you happiness, for you too heavy feeling heavy righteousness, punish you happy life, must not appeal。


Wine, the longer the more alcohol, the water flow more and more clear, the world vicissitudes of life flow more and more weak, the longer true friends friendship。 Best wishes to my friend have a peaceful and happy New Year!