2019-12-28 22:35:31


Wish rises, the new work with ease, the wind。


Can't get rich all difficulties! A lot of good, a lot of joy!


Happy birthday, more long more beautiful, a happy heart。


Greeting transformed into a poem, a melody, open a garden of spring。


Congratulations on your successful listing! In the future in the New Year!


A greeting, a wish, a string of blessing hope you very happy in your heart。


Person's life is very short, cherish the present everything, have good every day!


Hope that the baby healthy growth。 The sky's the limit, has a bright future。


Let all the happiness in the world melt in my song and congratulate for your birthday。


Let my blessing, like a wisp of a brilliant sun, shine your happy and peaceful life。


A brilliant candlelight, suisui birthday happy, lucky you, tomorrow will be better!


To wish you a happy New Year! I wish you in the New Year, good health! The work is smooth!


As the Spring Festival, I wish your company business progresses day by day, to the next level!


Good night! Look at the sky the moon round round round, hope your dreams also want to round the moon!


Wake up missing you, with hair to short message, a few days no see, how, I wish you good mood every day。


While with their doors, door open race like worship feast。 In the New Year, wish you business is thriving!


Best classmate, twenty years together once today, then your life wish you bon voyage! More walk more good。


Children, you would like to take off quickly childish and delicate, raise create sail, to mature, to the gold coast。


Years may faded memories faded, but not to our laughter all the way。 I wish you a happy New Year, but each anlene!


Friends ah, let us together quietly waiting for the future, hope and light, and is about to ring in the New Year bell。


Over the past year we cooperation is very happy, thank you for your attention and wish you and your family have a happy, happy!


Satisfied in the sleeve; The collar is considerate, pockets filled with happiness! Let my heart to accompany you spend the New Year!


Twisting, twisting his neck, and ass, do sports with me and shook his hand, shook the foot, early to bed and early to rise body good。


Suddenly, has gone to the cold winter, in such a cold day, thoughts deeper and strong for you。 I wish you a happy peace!


The years went by, the truth in the; Thyme, isolation but constantly; It's a long night, the stars shone; Sincerely pray, about company。


Veteran you I thank month together, let me this life no longer lonely。 Because I know: you are my favorite, and I'm your only!


Is a great pleasure in the past year and can work under your leadership and learning, I wish you in the New Year health, success。


Dear teacher, for twenty years, meet again today, you are old, head have more white hair, here I wish you longevity and health!


Take water sky of the distance, think of exotic attractive scenery, sea gulls breeze to take along the greetings, and wish you good health!


Again by the weekend, busy week you can a little rest, may early summer warming Yang with you through a relaxed and happy weekend!


Thank you in the past year for our company's strong support, I wish you luck in the New Year, the future! Thanks to the New Year。


Health prescription: the best prescription is positive, the best treatment is prevention, the best sport is running, the best doctor is a friend。


Heart attract is friendship, respect, is wisdom to attract the physical attraction is the desire, the combination of these three, the love。


It is I who is sick, you heartache。 To keep healthy, is not only the obligation of his own life, also for relatives and even for the pay of the society。


Gives arms to fly bird is happy; The heart to the sea is vast; Looking to the sky is profound; Send blessings to you happy, I wish a happy weekend!


When the old year leave, leave at the same time also all the unhappiness; When to celebrate the New Year, at the same time also ushered in the new hope。 I wish you a happy New Year。


Purple wind chimes, telling the deep feeling of caring; The depth of golden light, shining thoughts; White clouds, floating wishes to tell; Wish you have a happy weekend!


This is a nice quiet world, the sun is shining as ever, the soft wind gently as ever, I hope that a good time to stop this, bring you joy and inspiration, have a nice weekend!


Missing is a season of flowers, over the valley, enveloped you me, the blessing is boundless attention, overflow eyes, until the bottom of my heart。 May the season's joy fill you all the year round!


Busy life away just time to a friend's care often leave the bottom of my heart, a salute a blessing, in this beautiful scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind of the day I wish you a happy weekend!


With pipa playing a QuDong break wind, I wish you a good thing, with the guitar playing a song qi li xiang, wish you feel the sunshine, play a tune on the piano the magic jie, I wish you a happy weekend。


This message: full is missing, is filled with miss, is filled with care, fill the greetings, writing is full of blessings, weekend comes, wish you happy companions, happiness around, good lucky for you。


Night in the mountain, the wind the bright moon, I'm stone desk two cups of wine, a cup of to you, give me a cup of, my thoughts with the bouquet, to wish to the moon, often in friendship。 I wish you a happy weekend!


I live upstream, you live the Yangtze river, day after day, have you noticed, drink the Yangtze river water。 The water, how long will the hate when already。 Only willing to js mi ammy is like my heart, will not be long for meaning。


The house is not too big, sweet and good。 The husband don't too handsome, people must be better。 Don't take too much money, enough is ok。 Don't be overly reducing weight, it is good to health。 I wish you a happy happy every day!


New Year will come, in the New Year, new beginning, let us have a new start, Jiang Ying bring sincere blessings: peace be to you embrace, the embrace happiness, with a sweet, took the money, lug auspicious, into the New Year!