2019-12-28 22:35:30


A brilliant and happy New Year, all good wishes! I wish you all the best!


Refreshed, really peaceful。 Eating well, cold warm warning。 Are on work uniform。


New Year came, yet close to greetings, a string of sincere blessings, pieces of deep feeling。


Away from home, the wife told, drink to eat more vegetables, less see don't love a girl, and come back quickly!


Do not experience wind and rain, how see rainbow, no one can casually succeed! Come on! New Year is different!


I'm on your side and stirs up the wings of the angel, when the moonlight into your eyes, my heart already。


Open your eyes, give you a gentle blessing, is willing to each minute bring you health, luck and happiness。


Man is iron, the meal is steel, don't eat so hungry panic to a meal, eat good drink good rest, the body will be more healthy!


I wish I send to you the blessing of the most fresh, can read, I want to wish you a happy New Year, everything goes well。


New Year greeting, the blessing is a true heart, not words。 A song, and wish you peace and happiness, all the best!


All of the memories, such as the dust settles, woke up casually, in the end the New Year, silent dedication of one's affection。


I wish you in the New Year, the enterprise the apprentice。 Home and harmonious and graceful。 Looks new, bring my sincere blessings。


Long time no see, very missed。 In this warm day, often recalled coexistence years。 I wish a happy New Year, happy!


Miss, said also said not over; Caring heart, never change; Sincere friendship, never forget, let my blessing to you。


Three smiling face every day qiao, seven and eight full man not old, meet the mo ask leave spring, indifferent silence is better than medicine。


When you open this book, we once again to send blessings to you, even though the youth is not in, but our friendship forever。


I wish you good fortune in the New Year, ruyi, smile; Also wish we can cooperate happily in the New Year, and all the best。


You are a little hoat lying at anchor at a port of, may you raise the sail of faith, carrying the dream of hope, into the vast ocean。


New Year, to eat dinner; Drink less, eat more vegetables; Can't reach, stand up; Some worship, play play to depend on; Can't eat, take back!


If a drop of water represents a blessing, I send you is a piece of the sea; If a star on behalf of a happy, I give you is the whole galaxy!


All the good from the morning, although years won't reincarnation, no longer return yesterday, a sincere blessing will make you happy every day!


Wishes to text messages to, want to receive my message friends, your company is thriving live tiger, in the year of the tiger, luxury, daihatsu from ah。


Gently pushed open the window of the winter, still see snow piaoqi, take a message for you, are you ok? Sweet is really caring, wish you a happy New Year!


Wish you in the New Year, to get rich on marlboro, boarded the hongta career, lover's flattering ashimar, financial resources throughout the greater China。


After I get up in the morning I will silently encourage yourself: even so difficult things you did, what do the next day can overwhelm you!


Department Yu Cheng met in edge, the bosom friend, a true friend no matter where, always always pay off and love, is willing to friends peace and happiness。


Wish a healthy body every day, the mood all the time, troubles were I cast light, often put you trust, hand in hand with a well-off, happy good times together。


Romantic night is your lover, her gentle, accompany you around, give you a massage, for your back rubs, sweet words coax you to fall asleep, I wish you a good night!


In the New Year, may my wife and I extend to you and yours our warmest greetings, wishing you a happy New Year, your career greater success and your family happiness。


I dream every night with you。 I think, I must have entered the your dreams。 Let us in the same weave missing under the stars! Good night, I wish good dream tonight!


Tonight, sweet smile, comfortable sleep, smile to wake up tomorrow, all day long life emotional appeal, received text messages smile, all the troubles are forgotten memory!


Good morning, send you the fresh greetings, warm wishes, in the morning, a good start, I wish you today spirit returns, vitality, have a good mood, everything is good!


Work hard, to more rest。 Listen to music, playing games。 Eat more vegetables and less angry。 If boredom, contact with me。 Weekend comes, wish everything goes well with you!


I would like to have you out of the window of a tree, with my green wash your vision is weary, with my swing to bring you the summer cooling。 I wish you have a easy weekend!


A line of blessing, with thick cordiality, a greeting, a true expression of me to you; On the journey of life, peace to happiness accompany, wish health and happiness。


Good night, forget all the sorrow; Good night, all my troubles; but to give up A night of sleep, get rid of all bitterness; Wake up, open a new beautiful。 Friend, good night。


Really want to call you, always in a hurry, temporarily forget about it。 Caring than actually big, so send you two flowers: one is rich flower, tow it is literally flowers。 Have a nice weekend!


Wafts of early summer, the warmth of the sun is burning, in this colorful season, come out in fast, the happy mood to tan, tan your days。 The sun the happiness to you。


Day give you warm, the month give you warm, the star give you romantic, give you fresh wind, the rain moist for you, give you a perfect snow, frost crystal clear to you, I give you blessings!


Warmer spring night, the breeze, drowsiness is tender, move the window, close the switch under the moonlight dance, swaying from listening to the pond frogs。 With a serene, brazen dream。 Good night。


Let the wind blow away your sorrow, let the rain wash away your troubles, let the moon brings you warmth, let love bring you happiness, let me the information to give you happiness! Friends, happiness is good。


Send a beautiful good mood for the weekend, send a care make you proud, send you a youth not old, send a dream to make you realize, send a friendship does not need to return, and then send a you to be safe and reliable!